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Wilhelm & Elly Kuch, Germany: Studio Vase with Copper Detail

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Wilhelm and Elly Kuch were well-respected and award-winning ceramicists who had their own studio in Germany from the 1950s until the 1990s. Their work can be found in various museums.

This listing is for a tall, elongated bottle necked vase with an organic form. It features a speckled pale grey glaze and metallic, oxidised copper details, quite quirky in style.

I am not sure of the age of this vase, but I would guess it dates from around the 1970s judging by the style.

A very rare piece of ceramic art to find in the UK!

It is in excellent condition, 27 cm (10.5") tall and weighs 592g.

There are some little imperfections just at the bottom edge that may be fleabites of manufacturing irregularities - I am not sure which. Please see the last photo for the largest of these.