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Ü-Keramik, West Germany: Vase 1815 with Relief

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A vintage 1960's West German ceramic handled vase from Ü-Keramik, also known as Übelacker.

This is a large vase at 25 cm (10") and has quite an ornate form that harks back to older times, but then, as is the wont of vases from the exuberant 'fat lava' era, the glaze totally contradicts the form.

This one is a shiny burnt sugar kind of brown, with the art deco style relief around the middle suddenly in bright glossy orange with a sort of frayed edge of oatmeal. A lovely thing to cheer us up in the rainy north!

This is a vintage item of around 50 years old and as such it may have some signs of use, but I have not found any imperfections - except, as you can see on the photo, a bit of rubbing on the base.