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Scheurich, West Germany: Vase 206 with Bright Blue Band

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A vintage West German Ceramic vase from the 1970s by Scheurich.

This form is a Scheurich classic, designed by A. Seide in the 1960s-70s. It comes in many different sizes and decors, from traditional to outlandish, they are highly collectible.

I love this form, it is fairly traditional, but it has a lovely curve to the sides that just works to make it a little bit more special.

The decor is quite a minimal one compared to some, soft bands of white and brown, but lifted with a beautiful sky blue band around the middle. All together this is a soothing, elegant vase for any home!

The vase is 26 cm (10") high and weighs 856g.

Condition is very good, with just some light wear here and there.

Form number 206-26