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Van Daalen, West Germany: Double Vase in Electric Blue

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A stylish West German ceramic vase from the 1950s by Fritz van Daalen.

One of my favourite West German ceramic companies, Fritz van Daalen was a relatively small producer and the items are a bit harder to find. Forms are usually quite unadorned and elegant, but with an unusual element that is hard to quantify. Glazes are often burnished rather than high shine, allowing the lovely form to do the talking, and yet complimenting and enhancing it.

I haven't come across this form from Van Daalen before, it really is masterfully done. A freeform, a-symmetrical double vase so perfect in execution it is almost alien. And the blue is just heavenly!

Almost pristine, except for a tiny fleabite or glaze pit on the body just behind the handle.

19 cm (7.5") high

Form number K24