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Eckhardt & Engler, West Germany: Gilded Vase 2095

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An interesting little vase in a biomorphic shape so popular with West German potteries in the 1950s, and featuring a very 1950s use of gilding, used here to accentuate the red veined glaze that contrasts strongly with the silky smooth pale yellow of the rest of this vase.

Most biomorph vases tend to have something bird-like, and there are the famous 'pregnant Louise' shapes too, but this one is more reminiscent of the human heart.

This one is numbered 2095 and was made by Eckhardt & Engler, these don't turn up very often!

It's in great vintage condition, with some light crazing to the yellow glaze on close inspection.

It stands at 10cm (4") tall and weighs 165g.