🌱 We only package your orders with re-used, recycled and/or biodegradeable materials 🌱

Posting Fragile Things

A lot of the things we sell are ceramics - vintage ceramics are how started and they remain our first love.

Buying and selling ceramic items online has some inherent difficulties however - they are fragile! Postage is expensive because of the need to package these items so that they survive their journey.

We have been dealing in vintage ceramics via our Etsy site 'Anything Goes Ceramics' for a year now and have had many satisfied customers from all over the world - almost half of our sold items have travelled to other countries and all made it there safely.

We have learnt a lot about packaging along the way - we try to package as well as we can while still keeping the weight and size down to enable more affordable shipping.

We use recycled packaging where possible, and we try to source environmentally friendly packaging when we have to buy new. Sadly we haven't found a good alternative for bubblewrap yet!

This means that sometimes your item will arrive in a cat food box etc - but we do always wrap re-used boxes in brown paper so they still look smart..

If you want all-new packaging, please do let us know, likewise if you prefer us to use recycled packaging, we are happy to accommodate where we can.

Generally our procedure for wrapping a ceramic item is as follows:

  1. Wrap in pretty tissue paper and seal with a sticker we like.
  2. Wrap in small bubblewrap, amount of layers depends on size and shape of item as well as condition of bubblewrap.
  3. Wrap in an extra layer of giant bubblewrap if the item is large or heavy.
  4. If there are more than one items in the box we will add a layer of cardboard around each or in between the items to keep them separate.
  5. Look for a box that is the right size to fit the item(s) with space all around for the loose fill. We will use a new box if we do not have an appropriate re-usable one.
  6. For UK parcels our loose fill will be scrunched up newspaper (often reused) or old bubblewrap. For international parcels we tend to use corn starch or polystyrene pellets (the latter only re-used - we hate polystyrene..)
  7. If we have re-used a box we cover this with brown paper.
  8. Tape all openings with fragile tape.

As you can see, it takes a while, but it's worth it, we'd be very sad if one of our pretties got broken on its way to a new home!