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Bay Keramik, West Germany: 'Delhi' 1950s Plant Pot

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A small vintage planter by West German pottery Bay Keramik dating from 1960.

This decor is called 'Delhi' and is very simlar to the sought after 'Kongo' decor except for the grey engobe background (kongo has a black background.)

It's a textural, pleasing midcentury modern style, with the bright, thick abstract patches of colour contrasting with the soft grey, matte background in a very effective way.

The interior is glazed a deep turquoise, to give another pop of colour.

Condition could be better however, there are some patches of discolouration to the grey engobe, but most importantly, please be aware that there is a hairline crack, which can be seen both inside and out and will make this planter more fragile than would otherwise be the case. 

12 cm (5") high and 14.5 cm (6") across the top.

Weight is 484g.