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Mexico: Large Brooch in Enamel on Brass

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We've had this handmade antique brooch for quite a while, trying to find out its provenance. So far we haven't quite been able to pin it down (pun intended!)

We think it's enamel on brass, with most of the enamel worn off. We can see the outlines of what looks like a depiction of the Aztec folktale of the eagle, the cactus and the snake. This image (in a different style) is used as the emblem for the Mexican coat of arms and strongly links this brooch to Mexico.

The clasp on the back is old, possibly dating all the way back to the mid-19th century. But the maker's mark (AWBG - we can't find out who this is) strikes us as perhaps being more recent than that - meaning we could put this brooch anywhere between the 1850s and 1930s.

Seen from a distance, this brooch looks like it came out of ancient Rome, due to the shape, the wear on the front and the colours. All in all, it's a very interesting, confusing piece!

Obviously this has a lot of wear, but we still love the look of it. The pin on the back has a small bend to it, but it functions very well and other than that, it is in good condition.

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