Size Matters...

Introducing Otto

One of the tricky aspects of buying things online is that all you have to go on are some flat photographs and some words. Within these limitations you have to build an image in your mind of what the object looks like and feels like; the space it inhabits and how it will look in your space.

I think the brain is quite quick to want to do this, make things real and tangible, fill in the missing gaps. Mine is anyway - many times have I bought something online and failed to actually grasp the size it was, despite looking at the measurements and getting my tape measure out, which lives by my laptop and which my kids may not touch on pain of death, despite it being a lovely Liberty one where you press a button and it whirls back in..

That's where Otto comes in. Otto is a cheeky little chappie that we use in our photos to help you see the scale of the item on offer. Otto is exactly 8 cm (3") high and he loves to show off all the beautiful objects to you.

Sometimes, when Otto is having a nap or whatever, we'll use an apple, which is actually better because everyone knows what size an apple is (but don't tell Otto, or he'll sulk.)

And one more thing about size - we work in metric, but many people in the UK (not to mention the US) don't, so we add sizes in inches in brackets, however, to avoid our bête noir (fractions - shudder!) we round off to half inches. If you want total accuracy, please go by the metric measurements.


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