Packing @ Anything Goes Ceramics

Packing with Care

As postage of ceramic objects is sometimes an issue for my customers, who wonder why it is more expensive than they might expect, or who are worried that their item might be damaged in transit, I thought I would make this little video showing how a small ceramic vase is packed for one of my French customers.

Single Use Plastics

In an attempt to minimise single use plastics, I now use this low plastic packing method for most vases, sometimes incorporating a layer of (reused) bubblewrap for more fragile items. Padding may also vary and can be (reused) newspaper, biodegradable cornstarch pellets, reused polysterene chips or reused bubblewrap.

The only other plastic you will find is the fragile tape, but once my stock of this has gone I will try to source paper fragile tape.

And remember: buying vintage is much more eco-friendly than buying new!



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